About SEAstarter

About SEAstarter

SEAstarter is an environmental project launchpad built by SEA Token. We seek out, fund and develop emerging projects with big impact potential; projects which we believe will make a difference to the healthy future of our oceans, and our planet.

Launched in May 2021, SEAstarter is currently supporting 1 live projects, assessing 11 new proposals, and has 4 projects in the shortlist for potential support.

Funding for SEAstarter-supported projects comes from the charity yield of SEA Token, and is distributed according to funding schedules individually agreed with each project. If you have a project you'd like to propose for support, please read all of the information below carefully, and then contact us initially via the form at the bottom of this page or via seastarter@seatoken.org. Be sure to include:

  • An outline of your proposed project, no more than 200 words. We know that's not a lot, but you will have chance to expand your proposal later.
  • Names and role descriptions of the key people on your team, with links to profiles where available
  • A rough idea of your total project budget, and how much of it you expect SEAstarter to fund
  • When you want to start your project, and how long you expect it to last
We are looking for projects with strong teams, a great idea, and the potential to provide either immediate/impactful or organic/long-term solutions to environmental problems, with a particular focus on oceans. Please check our currently supported projects for examples of the types of things we fund, but don't feel that you need to fit in - we don't need more than one project doing the same thing, so if your idea is way out there, unlike anything in our project list so far - it might just be a great fit.

About SEA Token

SEA Token is a two strand blockchain project - (1) a suite of dApps enabling people anywhere, on the simplest tech, to gather, process and distribute environmental data, and (2) a deflationary token designed to raise funds for our partners fighting ocean degradation.

Our dApp suite comprises three focal points: SEAscore allows anyone, anywhere, on the simplest tech, to gather detailed environmental data. SEAhub provides a distributed "brain" where AI algorithms process, group, validate and analyse the data. SEAsignal takes the conclusions of those processes and makes them available to scientific communities, governments, media and the public.

Our token harvests a 5% tax on all transactions EXCEPT new purchases. Of this 5%, 2% is distributed to our official ocean protection partners: Sea Shepherd, Oceanic Preservation Society, Coral Reef Alliance, 5 Gyres, GreenWave, FishAct, Project AWARE and Gili Eco Trust. 2% is distributed to all holders, proportional to their holdings. 1% is locked into liquidity forever.

SEA projects are operated by SEA Token CIC, a Community Interest Company (#SC694232) registered at 48 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BP.